There have been a host of very positive agency accomplishments while moving forward during my two terms as Sheriff.   Those major accomplishments include:


  • The Law Enforcement Bureau has implemented a number of proactive criminal enforcement initiatives to include the PACE Unit, the Frederick County Fire Investigation Task Force, and has made a substantial investment of manpower and resources to (formerly the Narcotics Task Force) the Sheriff’s Office Drug Unit.


  • In recent years, Frederick County has maintained a crime rate that is just about one-half of the national average per capita for serious crime.


  • In 2008, the Sheriff’s Office established and is currently host to the Western Maryland Information Center (branch of the Maryland Coordination Analysis Center) which is a regional information sharing point for the passing of criminal intelligence, public safety and national security information.


  • Improvement of our capabilities for crime analysis and data gathering, allowing us to identify and react quickly to changing trends or patterns of criminal activity.  We can get information to deputies on the road and investigators real time.


  • In 2007, I approved and implemented a patrol schedule that provided more effective patrol coverage and response to the entire county and reduced overtime costs.  The new schedule was better for the deputies working the shifts, their family lives, and was physically healthier.  It also improved the morale of the agency.


  • In 2008, the first comprehensive collective bargaining agreements were established between the Sheriff and uniform personnel in both law enforcement and corrections.


  • In 2008, The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office established a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security/ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) known as the 287g Immigration Enforcement Program.  The IGSA Detainee Housing Program agreement was established in 2007, and Secure Communities was implemented in 2009.  We are a full partner with Homeland Security / ICE.


  • The 287g Program in Frederick County was identified by Homeland Security as a model partnership nationwide, receiving a national agency award in 2012.


  • Since April 2008, working under 287g we have lodged ICE detainers on 1261 persons who were in our country illegally, committing crimes in Frederick County.  That number includes more than 50 validated transnational criminal gang members.


  • The Sheriff’s Office has built an outstanding top/down cooperative working relationship with FCPS through a more effective SRO Program. We continually work to improve overall school security, to maintain a safe and secure environment for students.


  • In 2012, the Sheriff’s Office was the lead public safety / LE agency for coordinating and planning all LE support operations in support of the U.S. Secret Service, for the G8 Conference hosted at Camp David.  It was flawless in planning, operations, and outcome.


  • The Sheriff’s Office has invested in several technology improvements to include; completion of in-car Mobile Data Computer project, a digital evidence management system, E-Tix electronic ticketing system, interview room recording system, and security upgrades at the Courthouse.


  • Major improvements at the Adult Detention Center include the Electronic Round System (assuring that cell checks are conducted by staff), implementation of an Electronic Medical Records System, surveillance upgrades, along with several major capital improvement projects.


  • Probably the most important accomplishment due to the current long-term budget crisis experienced by local government; the sound and responsible management of the Sheriff’s Office budget.


  • Each year during my two terms as Sheriff we have consistently returned large fund balances from our annual budget back to the county coffers, helping to improve the county’s fiscal situation.  By the end of Fiscal Year 2014, the total dollars saved and returned to county coffers will have exceeded $20 million during my tenure as Sheriff.


  • While saving budget dollars wherever possible during my administration the Sheriff’s Office has still been able to maintain appropriate and sufficient staffing levels in LE Operations and corrections, reinstate salaries in accordance with pay scales, with employees also now receiving COLA’s, maintain an outstanding fleet of new vehicles, up to date modern LE equipment, replaced BP vests for deputies, modern weapons, and virtually every law enforcement tool a deputy may need.  We have also integrated the most advanced available technology throughout the entire agency where practical and needed and have some of the finest technology available.


  • Our agency has very well trained deputies and correctional officers, exceeding state training requirements and standards, and I approve specialized training available wherever useful and practical.


  • The Sheriff’s Office has provided law enforcement support to local municipalities whenever requested.


  • During my entire time in office I have traveled throughout this entire county personally hosting Town Hall style meetings, to hear the concerns, problems, and needs of our citizens.  I listen, brings those concerns back, we address the issues, and solve the problem.  Whether the concern is traffic related, criminal, nuisance crimes, or community welfare, those concerns are important.


  • No Sheriff has ever been that available or accessible to citizens!  Accessibility is the cornerstone of my commitment and service to you!